…If a band that you discover for the first time, is the real deal or just a bunch of poseurs out to get your money?

To me there was no hesitation about The Curse. If you´ve been through hell and back, still proclaiming that “I don´t give a shit” you are pretty much a badass to me.

That´s what´s rock and roll is all about. Attitude. These guys been around for some time. They don´t make compromises. They sure know what they are up to. It´s raw, loud, sexy, cocky and full of attitude.

The band has roots in punk, but is not afraid to mix in alarming rock'n'roll, garage and powerpop melodies.

Anders Lundquist of The Rock and Roll Magazine nails it when he wrote this about their second album World Domination:

Production is alarming and intrusive. It almost feels like a live album in that one senses the noise from the amplifier pushed to the limit, not least when Håkan Göstas guitars are really, really nasty: the end of many songs, one often hears a ferocious feedback that constantly wanted to penetrate the sound wall and could only be subdued by a deafening deluge of chords. The singer Anders Gustawsson are stone cool without having to take in as he burst and has an almost Iggy Pop-like feel for which phrases is best in the mouth. Peder Andersson has been one of the Swedens sharpest rock'n'roll bassplayers for a long time. And behind the mash Anders Bentells relentless drumming on. Yes, I love it. And understand that The Curse is about to conquer Europe, gig to gig, interview, interview, magazine for magazine and radio station to radio station.The only problem with the album is that it gives me so irresistible desire to play high - and drinking sick very strong beer. But it's not The Curse problems. It's not even mine. These are my neighbors.

So here we are. Album number three. I give you the real deal – The Curse.

Rick Trivellini

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Guitar: Håkan Göstas Vocals: Anders Gustawsson Drums: Bentan Bentell Bass: Peder Andersson

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