In 2010 The Curse released their first record on Power Crack Records.

It was the now legendary 4-track debut, including songs like “Zombie Life” and “I don´t give a shit”.


The release was followed by intense touring in Germany, Switzerland and Holland in 2010-2011.


2012 was a great year fo r the band and their first full length album “Suck it in spit it out” was released by Strychnine records (Vinyl) and Pitshark Records (CD)


Get the latest album Calcutta Sunrise.



The band had special guests Hans Östlund (The Nomads) Niclas Frisk (Atomic Swing) and members from legendary German punkband Big Balls and the Great White Idiot to contribute to the album. Once again The Curse started touring across Europe.


In 2013 Pitshark Records released a 7” single with the songs “Son of a bitch” and “What´s up” now a rarity for collectors since only 500 copies were printed. The band also released another song called “The Devil is driving my car” as a special gift on a compilation CD to the readers of Rock Hardi Fanzine.


2014 The Curse signed a contract with Closer Records and released their second full length album “World Domination”. Special guest this time was Tony Truant from The Dogs / Les Wampas.

It was followed by a new tour in 2014 and 2015 including many dates in France and Spain.


Now album number three is in the making. It is produced by legendary Dave Klein in Los Angeles, and will be realeased early 2017.

A new tour of Europe will start in May 2017.